Maximize assets, optimize supply chain and reduce costs. Improve supply-and-demand forecasts. Track leading indicators to adjust your operations to changing market conditions. Control costs while maintaining health, safety and environmental standards.

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Oil and Gas

Gain holistic business visibility of your key assets and supply chain to effectively reduce costs. Maintain asset integrity in the field, while balancing scarce engineering resources. Track health, safety and environmental incidents throughout the supply chain.



Accurately predict demand, control costs and discover answers. Improve business decisions about operations, suppliers, assets, risks and more that directly impact business performance.


Analyze enterprise resources: costs, staffing, plant and machinery. Improve efficiency and reduce downtime through careful asset planning while monitoring health and safety.

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Datasheet: Business intelligence software for supply chain

Qlik enables organizations to harness supply chain analytics and explore data and processes in unprecedented ways. The result is better decision making, operational improvement and supply chain optimization.

Datasheet: Business intelligence software for asset integrity management

Maximize asset integrity management—improve reliability, reduce downtime and prioritize resource allocation effectively. Extend your asset integrity management analytics across both static and dynamic assets.

Datasheet: Business intelligence software for credit and collections

Use the power of Qlik’s associative engine to investigate your debtor position intra-month. Then drill right down from your overall debt position to identify individual debtors and their debt profile to create better-informed collections campaigns.

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